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18 Jan

Samsung confirmed it will release a new smart ring, dubbed the ‘Galaxy Ring’, which has been

18 Jan

Thanks to the advancement of technology in the past few years, people today have bigger demands than

17 Jan

According to Holly Felstead, the social media manager at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

16 Jan

With a new year upon us, we’ve been asking health tech leaders to look to the year ahead and share

15 Jan

As more people than ever are joining wait lists for NHS treatment, appetite for further technology

12 Jan

Safely managing waiting lists has become an intricate balance for healthcare professionals as they

11 Jan

High-quality data is the bedrock of meaningful analysis and decision-making. It plays a pivotal role

11 Jan

Generative artificial intelligence can identify social determinants of health within EHR notes

11 Jan

DeepScribe, an AI-based documentation tool, announced that it is more fully integrated into Epic’s

11 Jan

Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Novant Health has agreed to pay $6.6 million for using an advertising tool